Consuming Less

Consuming less allows you to create less waste and stress on the environment as well as living a minimalist lifestyle which makes you happier.

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What Is The Singapore Green Plan 2030?

The Singapore Green Plan aka the Green Plan is a top-level national 10-year agenda to achieve Singapore’s plan on sustainable development. The Green Plan is a multi-ministry effort spearheaded by five ministries Ministry of Education Ministry of National Development Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment Ministry of Trade and Industry Ministry of Transport There will …

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What is Singapore’s Zero Waste Masterplan?

I came across Singapore’s Zero Waste Masterplan. The amount, scope and depth of information are a little overwhelming. This blog post will attempt to summarize the main points covered in the masterplan. I will also supplement information from other sources to help appreciate the masterplan. Where Does Our Trash End Up? First, we need to …

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Saving The Planet With e-Angpows?

Can e-Angpows really save the planet? There has been discussion regarding the use of e-Angpows. This is especially important during this period of COVID-19 where social distancing has to be observed. Of course, saving literal tonnes of paper and wasteful withdrawing then depositing is a big bonus. In this article, we will look at the …

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Welcome to Consume Less Life

Welcome to my blog, Consume Less Life. First, some background information about myself. I have an accountancy background with an interest in graphic design and personal finance. Only after I started working, I put in more effort into managing my personal finances. I was less responsible with my money during my army and university days …

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