consume less life year in review 2021

Consume Less Life’s Year In Review – 2021

It has been 12 months since I officially started posting on this website in January 2021. So what did I achieve in the first 12 months of Consume Less Life? This is the 2021 year in review for Consume Less Life.

Number Of Articles Posted

I posted 66 articles in 2021, averaging 1.26 articles a week. The amount would greatly increase from 2022 onwards as I recently started “weekly free stuff to do in Singapore”. I will post on Wednesday the free events and activities for the coming week. This is something I am trying out and if there is anything you think I should include or exclude, please tell me. The sources I am currently collating from is Nparks, Esplanade, National Library and Google. If you have any other sources of free events and activities in Singapore, do let me know.

Website Traffic

From Google’s Search Console Insights, my website has 15,162 views for 2021. I don’t use Facebook and Instagram so such numbers are more than satisfactory in my books. I joined two financial blog aggregators, and Sg Invest Bloggers, and they have greatly helped boost my posts to a wider audience.

Most Viewed Posts

My top 3 most viewed posts are mostly about making some side income.

1. Making Money With Paid Surveys In Singapore – S$1,058.99 To Date

I have been doing paid surveys for extra cash since 2018 so I believe I can share some insights on what to expect from taking paid surveys. This is popular as I believe people are always looking for easy ways to make some money and surveys are a great way to do so. Covid made it even more popular as people as spending more time at home and they have more free time. Looking at my monthly financials, I have enough points to redeem about S$10 every month.

2. Making Money With Paid Clinical Trials In Singapore

I wrote on the entire timeline and what to expect when one attends a paid clinical trial in Singapore. If you are able to fit your schedule around the clinical trial dates, you will be able to make a few thousand more a year while getting a “staycation” experience during the stay. Just be prepared to get your blood sucked constantly.

3. CareShield Life Supplements – Questions To Ask Before Upgrading

This is a very recent post on 6 December 2021 but it managed to hit the top 3 only after 3 weeks. I received a call from an insurance agent and that call prompted me to write on the CareShield upgrade. Once the year is over, the CareShield Life Supplement premiums will increase so I think this is why this post is popular. Remember to upgrade on your own terms and don’t let the agents psycho you to upgrade just because there is no cash upfront portion.

Telegram Subscribers

I started a Telegram channel as a notification platform for my new posts. As of writing this, I have 46 subscribers to my Telegram channel. There is no newsletter currently as I cancelled it after seeing no subscribers plus I didn’t want to handle any personal information (e.g. names and emails) on my website servers. If you enjoy my content, join my Telegram channel here and you can receive updates when I post on my blog.


I have a subreddit, r/consumelesslife, where I share my own posts and crosspost relevant posts from other subreddits. As of writing this, I have 10 members on my subreddit. Posting my posts on my subreddit can help in the SEO of my website and help it appear on a higher rank on Google search results.


This is the income and expenses of running this blog for a year.

ApiaryBuzz – 49 Referrals


Milieu – 37 Referrals


HappyDot – 1 Referral


Moomoo – 1 Referral


1 Sponsored Post


Total Income


Domain Cost Per Year


Hosting Cost Per Year


Total Expenses


Net Income


Although I have made S$100 for writing a sponsored post, however, I have not hit the threshold to withdraw it so this is money I am unable to touch. Also, the other S$51.23 is a free year of WordPress hosting for writing the same sponsored post.

The Moomoo referral also seems to be a one-off thing as I believe most have already created their Moomoo account plus the rewards have become worse for the referrer. I have partnered with Tiger Brokers and I will share half my commissions if you sign up with my referral code. You can read more here.

This post will be a benchmark to compare with how my website will perform next year.

If there is anything else regarding my website that you are interested in or any topics you would like me to talk about, do drop a comment below.


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