consume less life year in review 2022

Consume Less Life’s Year In Review – 2022

This blog post marks the end of the second year of running this website. This is the 2022 year in review for Consume Less Life.

Number Of Articles Posted

I post 114 articles in 2022, averaging 2.19 articles a week. The amount has greatly increased this year as I started publishing “weekly free stuff to do in Singapore” every week.

Website Traffic

From Google’s Search Console Insights, my website has 73,455 views for 2022, an increase of 384% as compared to 2021. In 2021, a high percentage of my views came from aggregator sites. However, in 2022, organic searches took first place and overtook referrals from aggregator sites.

Most Viewed Posts

Trust Bank Sign Up – Free $35 NTUC eVoucher

This is the most successful post for the year in terms of views and results. I managed to receive over 200 referrals. The hype around the Trust Bank rewards also helped as many people were looking to claim the eVouchers, rice and breakfast set. I was also lucky that my link appeared as one of the first few links when you search for Trust Bank-related rewards.

Making Money With NS FIT

Posted at the end of 2021, this didn’t manage to hit the top 3 last year. This post gained popularity as people are interested in how much NS FIT pays and whether NS FIT@HOME pays out any money. Whether you pass or fail IPPT, you can make use of the NS FIT sessions to get paid while training. If you do this diligently even without passing your IPPT, you can get up to S$2,000 over 10 years (S$4,000 – pass, S$5,000 – silver, S$7,000 – gold).

Best Ways To Spend Your LifeSG Credits

Most males will receive LifeSG credits from the NS55 recognition package or NS milestones. People are looking for methods and where to spend their LifeSG credits and possibly convert them into cash. This allowed this article to reach third place.

Telegram Subscribers

Telegram subscribers increased from 46 to 161. If you enjoy my content, join my Telegram channel here and you can receive updates when I post on my blog.


I have a subreddit, r/consumelesslife, where I share my own posts and crosspost relevant posts from other subreddits. The number of members has increased from 10 to 33. Posting my posts on my subreddit can help in the SEO of my website and help it appear on a higher rank on Google search results.


This is the income and expenses of running this blog for a year.

2022 2021
ApiaryBuzz – 86 Referrals S$86 S$49
Milieu – 56 Referrals S$30.24 S$19.98
HappyDot – 2 Referrals S$2 S$1
Moomoo – 1 Referral S$82.36 S$88.12
Shopback – 1 Referral S$10 S$0
Trust Bank – 219 Referrals S$2,190 S$0
Sponsored Post S$0 S$151.23
Total Income S$2,400.60 S$309.33
Domain Cost S$27.06 S$27.06
Hosting Cost S$40.75 S$40.76
Giveaway Expenses S$104.62 S$0
Total Expenses S$172.43 S$67.82
Net Income S$2,228.17 S$241.51

Referrals are the main/only source of income for my website. Thanks to the higher readership, the amount of referrals has also increased. The main bulk of the income comes from Trust Bank referrals. Unless there is a similarly attractive referral program in 2023, the website’s income should fall greatly to the S$100 range.

If there is anything else regarding my website that you are interested in or any topics you would like me to talk about, do drop a comment below.


Trust Bank Sign Up – Free $35 NTUC eVoucher – Referral Code – 9YA868HD

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