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Free Stuff To Do At REMIX 2K22


RE•MIX is a youth festival presented by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, offering a variety of activities to experience Chinese Singaporean culture.

How much do you know about our Chinese heritage and the multi-cultural influences that have made us Chinese Singaporeans? Challenge yourself at RE•MIX 2K22 to find out how embedded you are with your culture!

Come and find out from the 6 different areas of Art, Bazaar, Dance, Music and Play to get your culture vibe check. Free admission for all activities!

Date: 18 November 2022 (FRI) – 27 November 2022 (SUN)

Location: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (click for Google Maps)

Further Details: Website


God Of Games

Description: Step into the God of Games! Witness the rebirth and reconciliation of cause and transformation.

As five up and coming local artists (Sarah Kaydence, MARIHADALITTLESHEEP, Rene Foo, Keith Chang, and Cheryl Chiw) work alongside urban artist ANTZ, they turn the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), believed to be the foundations of our universe, into distinctive masterpieces inspired by the artists’ experiences and visions combining components of street art and games played in Singapore.

Category: Exhibition

Date: 18 November 2022 (FRI) – 27 November 2022 (SUN)

Time: 1000 – 2000

Booking Requirement: No

Location: Creative Box, Level 6

Flavours On Call

Description: Ever wonder how “Yum Seng” became a popular Chinese banquet toasting phrase amongst Singaporeans? Presenting Flavours on Call — an exhibition that features the culture of catering cooks. Take a dip and learn about the practice of hiring banquet caterers that has shaped our Chinese Singaporean culture, and how it has evolved to display Singapore’s spirit of diversity and generosity!

Category: Exhibition

Date: 18 November 2022 (FRI) – 27 November 2022 (SUN)

Time: 1000 – 2000

Booking Requirement: No

Location: Multi-Purpose Hall Foyer, Level 7

Samfoo: Reimagined In Modern Singapore

Description: Samfoo: Reimagined in Modern Singapore, a physical installation displaying commissioned crochet pieces by crochet artist Hayley Sim from Softly Made Cottage. These pieces are also accompanied by photographs taken by Hazel Sim through monitor screening/printed on canvas. Each Samfoo inspired piece has its own story that appeared in familiar places portraying modern living in Singapore, and reflected in the choice of yarn blend, colour, silhouette and the feminine form.

Category: Exhibition

Date: 18 November 2022 (FRI) – 27 November 2022 (SUN)

Time: 1000 – 2000

Booking Requirement: No

Location: Practice Room, Level 10


REMIX: When East Meets West

Description: Experience the collision of east and west cultures that permeates into our ways of life at the RE•MIX: When East Meets West market and fair! Look for interesting and interactive installations set up for you to take insta-worthy photographs, so snap snap away!

From 25 to 27 November, visitors can look forward to a pop-up fair with scrumptious food creations, handmade products and fun activities. You can also join our fun workshops such as Art Jamming and Terrarium! Be sure to catch live performances by The Cold Cut Duo, Eason Music Chinese Ensemble and Stanley X Deborah too!

More details to be released later.

Category: Festival

Date: 25 November 2022 (FRI) – 27 November 2022 (SUN)

Time: More details to be released

Booking Requirement: No

Location: Concourse, Level 1


REMIX: The Dance

Description: Holla to all dancers and dance enthusiasts! The street dance competition is back for RE•MIX 2K22 in both online and onsite formats.

Please click here to find out more about the competition for dancers.

Come down on 26 and 27 November to catch and cheer your favourite groups, as they dazzle with groovy dance moves and funky steps to compete for the top spot in RE•MIX the Dance.

Category: Dance

Date: 26 November 2022 (SAT) – 27 November 2022 (SUN)


26/11: 1320 – 1720

27/11: 1300 – 1700

Booking Requirement: No

Location: Auditorium, Level 9



Description: lowKEY nua spotlights the concept of chill music to attract more to appreciate this rather niche music genre. Find yourself standing in an artist’s bedroom for a deeper insight into the life of an aspiring singer-songwriter. Enjoy mini concert recordings shown at the “nua” corner by singers such as Marcus Lee, Jason Yu, Jarvis and Yong Kang!

This exhibition is curated and produced by five Year 3 Chinese Media & Communication students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Category: Music

Date: 18 November 2022 (FRI) – 27 November 2022 (SUN)

Time: 1000 – 2000

Booking Requirement: No

Location: Recital Studio, Level 6

TGIF Music Station

Description: “Youth” is a state of mind. You are never too old to have fun! Stay “Forever Young” with us in the upcoming TGIF Music Station featuring talented homegrown artistes such as Romeo Tan, Ayden Sng, Arya Yunata, Xxmxrcs, Yanni Ruth and Jeff Ng.

Category: Music

Date: 18 November 2022 (FRI)

Time: 2000 – 2100

Booking Requirement: No

Location: Concourse, Level 1

齐: A Night of Electro-Fusion Dance Music

Description: Calling all party people! 齐: A Night of Electro-Fusion Dance Music is here to satisfy your electronic dance music crave with a twist in an hour-long performance featuring artiste — Likie Low. Your ears are in for a real treat! Experience the different iconic melodies of Chinese orchestral pieces with the sounds of brass and Chinese instruments incorporated into head-banging elements of electronic dance music.

Category: Music

Date: 20 November 2022 (SUN)

Time: 2000 – 2100

Booking Requirement: No

Location: Concourse, Level 1


Odyssey To The West

Description: The journey to the west is full of danger and insurmountable calamities. How did Sun Wukong and his peers conquer the highs and lows of their journey with help from Taishang Laojun? Play the roles of Sun Wukong, Tang Sanzang, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing in the game of Odyssey to the West! Challenge yourself in this intriguing maze based on the classic Chinese novel and look for the special tools they need to overcome the calamities. Are you ready?

It is strongly recommended for you to form teams of 4-8pax.

Category: Games

Date: 19,20,26,27 November 2022 (SAT, SUN)

Time: 1000 – 1800

Booking Requirement: Yes. Get your tickets here. Limited slots available

Location: Multi-Purpose Hall, Level 7

REMIX Giveaway Contest

Complete activities with your friends and family and enter a lucky draw to win a limited edition “REMIX” Mahjong Set. Here are the participation instructions.

  1. Head down to RE•MIX in a team of four (bring three other kakis!)
  2. Complete three activities with your kakis, and take a group photo of all four of you together at each activity.
  3. Share your photos as an Instagram Story with us before the Instagram Story expires.
  4. Share with us your thoughts on your culture vibe check at RE•MIX in your Instagram Story.
  5. Tag @singaporechineseculturalcentre, hashtag #REMIX2K22 and remember to keep your account public to enter!


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