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Free Stuff To Do And Take At Giving Day At Bishan CC

GoodHood.SG is organizing Giving Day @ Bishan CC on 12 November 2022, Saturday with free stuff to do and take. If you have usable stuff at home that you have no use for, you can also bring them down to give them a second life and declutter your home. It is an event that combines sustainability and community bonding. If you are in the area, do drop by and check it out.

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Giving Day @ Bishan Community Centre

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Source: GoodHood.SG

Giving Day @ Bishan is an event that celebrates the spirit of giving and seeks to give a second life to preloved items, reducing waste while strengthening community bonds.

GoodHood aims to promote free-cycling with more than S$100,000 worth of items given and received this November 2022 with more than 1000 participants involved in the event.

Everything is free and registration is not required. You can just walk in to participate in the event.

However, if you would like to maximize your experience, you will need to download the app (links at the end) and register an account. You will need the app to participate in the free-cycle free market and to collect free groceries.

Date: 12 November 2022, Saturday

Time: 1430 – 1800

Location: Bishan Community Club (click for google maps)

Nearest MRT: Bishan MRT (5 minutes walk)

More Details: Website

Free-cycle Free Market

This free market will allow individuals to take items that they might need and donate items that they no longer need. By giving our items a second life, we can save the environment by reducing waste and keeping them out of our landfill which is projected to be filled by 2035. Take what you need and don’t snatch up items just to hoard them at home and spoil the experience of other attendees.

Remember to download the app and register an account to participate in this section.

What Can You Bring To Donate?

Here are some categories of items that you can bring to bless the attendees

  • Bags
  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • Electronic Products

By bringing down your items to donate, you will also stand a chance to win NTUC vouchers. They have S$1,000 worth to give away.

Please bring items that are in working condition.

Free Groceries

Corporations sponsoring the event will also be giving away S$30,000 worth of groceries.

Remember to download the app and register an account to participate in this section.

Free Sustainability Workshops

There will be sustainability workshops that will be conducted by the Central CDCs. These workshops with have a theme of upcycling, transforming waste into useful products like turning juice cartons into purses. This is a great opportunity for families and their children to bond over arts and crafts while also learning the importance of reducing waste and sustainability.

Free Game Booths

On top of the activities mentioned above, there are also game booths and a selfie booth for loads of fun.

What Is GoodHood?

GoodHood is a private social network for neighbourhoods that encourages neighbours to interact with each other and bring back the kampung spirit. They have a mobile app that facilitates the connection of Singapore residents with their neighbours to give, help, and share. Through the app, you can easily share items with real neighbours, donate to the needy, as well as respond to neighbours’ requests for help.

You can check out the GoodHood app on Google Play and the App Store.

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