Monthly financials 0123

Monthly Financials – January 2023

Here are my monthly financials for January 2023.

Financials 012023

Top 3 Income Sources

Interest – S$378.98

This is interest from Trust Bank and coupon payments from SSB.

Dividends – S$300.76

This is from dividends from the STI index.

Affiliate & Referrals – S$178

I actually managed to get 9 additional sign-ups for Trust Bank. Trust Bank has a promotion where they gave an additional S$88 of vouchers if there are 8 referrals in January 2023.

If you still have not signed up for a Trust Bank account, you can check out how to get the sign-up rewards here.

Top 3 Expense Sources

Allowance – S$600

This is for the top-up for my mother as she qualified for the Matched Retirement Savings Scheme.

Groceries – S$225.80

This is for groceries, mainly from NTUC as I need to use up my vouchers.

Gift – S$220

This is for the angpows I gave out for Chinese New Year.

CLL’s Infrequently Curated Videos

How to grow a ton of green onions

The lady managed to grow a whole bunch of spring onions that grow faster than what one can reasonably consume. Just a few tools are needed to set this up.

Huge Anime Sized Servings of Rice! Extra Large Fried Chicken!

This content creator goes around Japan to film different eateries. I have been seeing more of this style of videos these few years. This style of video shows the day-to-day operation of the various eateries. In this video, it is an eatery that serves huge servings of food. I find it therapeutic to watch the chef cooking without much commentary.

This is Why Drying Pasta At Home IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE

Drying pasta might sound simple but there is a lot of technique required. In order to properly dry pasta, the wet pasta will need to go through cycles of high and low temperatures at varying periods of time. Without doing it properly, the pasta will crack.

I wore Rock Lee’s leg Weights for TWO WEEKS, did I get faster???

If you have watched Naruto, you should be familiar with Rock Lee’s weights on his legs which he removed when fighting Gaara. This content creator tried to recreate this effect and wanted to see if his performance will increase. Although he does improve in the physical tests he took, it is not recommended as there is an increased risk of injury.

Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?

I kept coming across cringy, bad mobile gaming ads while watching YouTube so I wanted to write something on it. While doing my research, I saw this video by Game Theory that covered probably 80% of what I wanted to write so I decided to just share this video instead. Fake and/or misleading ads are there to capture a specific target audience.

Although these ads are illegal in the US, there is little to no enforcement as their resources are focused on “bigger” crimes like misleading ads on consumer health or money. Since misleading ads are only there for you to download the game, you don’t lose any money when you download the games. And even if you spend money on them, it is only after a reasonable time spent playing the game, where you can no longer argue that the misleading ad made you spend money instead of the gameplay itself.

Why Morocco Could Spark a Tactical Revolution

Morocco managed to reach the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup, knocking out some of the favourites like Spain and Portugal, despite being one of the underdogs. The content creator attributes it to the tactics employed by the Moroccan team. Every era of soccer has a “meta” where a different style of football dominates the scene (1950s – Aggressive, 1960s – Defensive, 1980s – Zonal marking, 2010s – Possession). Could the results of the defensive tactics employed by Morocco be the spark that ignites the new “meta?

Bionic 3rd thumb: The future of human augmentation

This video looks at the possibility of humans augmenting our bodies for additional functionality and expression of individuality. Our brain might be able to adapt to such modifications and treat these augmentations as part of our body, making the ability to use a second thumb as natural as if we were born with it.

Money Manager App

I am using an app called Money Manager to track my income and expenses. It is a free tool available on mobile available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

As far as I know, the data collected from the app is for tracking the ads you view and interact with on the app.

Please check out their privacy policy on what information they collect and what is it used for.

Personally, the value this app brings to me outweighs the value of the information I provide to them.


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