Monthly financials 0521

Monthly Financials – May 2021

Here are my monthly financials for May 2021.


It is good to keep track and review your monthly financials so you can be in control of your finances.

Having a fixed income and knowing my expenses will not exceed my budget allowed me to not track my expenses before I left my job. I did not feel a need to track my finances strictly as I know I can control my spending. I only tracked my investments diligently.

Since I will not have a fixed source of income soon, I decided to start tracking my financials starting from January 2021. Money will be tight so I need to be extra prudent. This also helps generate content for my website. 

Top 3 Income Sources

Allowance – S$1,600.32

S$1,200 is from my monthly SGUS allowance. Either this is my last payment or there will be another S$600 for a half month payment.

Without the allowance, my cash flow will probably be negative until I deploy my investment war chest.

S$400.32 is from the reservice I attended early this month. It also includes a S$200 marksman award. This reservice had range and my whole company got marksman.

Edit 2/6/2021: I noticed that the marksman reward was deposited on 2/6/2021 so the S$400.32 is pure allowance for attendance and does not include the marksman award.

Other – S$381.38

This is from the selling of the free shares from Tiger Brokers (S$143.58) and Moomoo (S$170.13).

I also helped my mom sign up so I got a referral reward from Moomoo (S$67.67).

Here are the articles I wrote on the timeline from sign up to withdrawals.

Tiger Brokers Sign Up To Withdrawal Timeline

Moomoo Sign Up To Withdrawal Timeline

Dividends – S$229.64

This is my dividends from QAF and DBS.

I subscribed to the Scrip to take advantage of the rounding up exploit. You can get up to 80% more yield via the exploit. You can read more about it here.

Top 3 Expense Sources

Investment – S$1,920

This is my monthly investment of S$200 in STI ETF using POSB Invest-saver. I liquidated a portion of my position in STI as I anticipate a market correction in the near future due to the various warnings like the record-breaking reverse repo levels, warren buffet indicator and negative S&P500 real returns.

summary of recent warnings intermediate trend equities

Source: r/Superstonk

Click here for the original image

I read more convincing DDs done on the r/Superstonk subreddit so I decided to increase my position in GameStop anticipating the MOASS, the Mother Of All Short Squeezes. It’s basically a bet that there will be a big short squeeze coming. Not just any short squeeze, but the once in a lifetime short squeeze.

This is what Michael Burry tweeted before he went dark.

Source: Twitter

Michael Burry is best known for being the first one to foresee and profit from the subprime mortgage crisis that occurred between 2007 and 2010. The story is depicted in the book and movie The Big Short.

Should this MOASS trigger, it might create a major worldwide market correction and it is when I will deploy my investment war chest. I might be wrong and miss out on the biggest bull run, let’s see.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I just like the stock.

Groceries – S$43.87

This is for groceries I bought at Giant and NTUC.

Food – S$31.60

I only ate out once (S$4) and I bought Korean Fried Chicken (S$27.60) from Waker Chicken for family dinner at home.

Money Manager App

I am using an app called Money Manager to track my income and expenses. It is a free tool available on mobile available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

As far as I know, the data collected from the app is for tracking the ads you view and interact with on the app.

Please check out their privacy policy on what information they collect and what is it used for.

Personally, the value this app brings to me outweighs the value of the information I provide to them.

Comment and let me know what you think about tracking your finances.


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