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Here Are What Religious Representatives Have To Say About Inland Ash Scattering

I was watching the news on Channel 8 and there was a segment of inland ash scattering.

What Is Inland Ash Scattering?

Inland ash scattering is the scattering of the cremated remains at a designated area. The remains will then be absorbed into the soil naturally. It is one of the forms of green burials.

I wrote more about the subject here.

Inland Ash Scattering At Garden Of Peace

Due to delays and the pandemic, the inland ash scattering service finally went live on 17 May 2021.

As of 20 May 2021, NEA has received 26 applications for inland ash scattering with 8 families already making use of the service.

inland ash scattering prayer facility

Source: MeWatch Channel 8 News Segment

The facility is for users of all religions so religious rites cannot be performed at the Garden of Peace. If one wants to perform simple sites, we can go to the prayer facility located just 15m outside the North Gate.

Memorial plaques are also not allowed at the Garden of Peace.

Offerings, burning of incense paper, chanting of scriptures or sing of hymns are allowed at the facility. Very importantly, please remember to keep the facility clean as it is and not leave any items behind. First, it allows the next users to make use of the facility as it is and also, keep the environment clean.

News Segment On Inland Ash Scattering

This is a clip of the Channel 8 news on the topic of inland ash scattering and the thoughts of religious representatives. The segment starts at about 24:10.

Source: MeWatch Channel 8 News Segment

Comments By Religious Representatives On Inland Ash Scattering

Some people are worried that inland ash scattering goes against their religion so the news segment managed to reach out to two religious representatives for their comments. I will translate what they said in Mandarin to English. Please let me know if there are any mistranslations in the comments below.

Buddhism – Venerable Guang Pin

Source: MeWatch Channel 8 News Segment

Venerable Guang Pin is the President of the Singapore Buddhist Association. He mentioned that when one passes away, what is left behind is just the body. The consciousness of the parted is now in Paradise or Nirvana. The body will go back to nature so Buddhism agrees with the act of inland ash scattering.

Some people are worried that the ashes of their loved ones are mixed with other people. When the ashes are scattered at the site, they will enter the soil and travel with the groundwater and be as one with nature.

During special occasions like the death anniversary or festivals like Qing Ming, there are several ways if we want to remember our loved ones. We pray to a plaque at a temple or even at home.

Christianity – Bishop Ji Mu He

inland ash scattering christian comments

Source: MeWatch Channel 8 News Segment

Bishop Ji Mu He is the Bishop of Lutheran Church In Singapore. He says that when we pass away, the soul is accepted by God. It does not matter how the body that is left behind is dealt with. It does not affect eternal life. During the end of days, God will give the souls a new body.

During All Saints Day in November, memorial services can be done at the crematorium or grave. However, it does not have to be so. The people who passed are in our hearts and the memorial service can be done in church, at home or places that hold great memories.

My Thoughts

I am glad that the religious leaders have come out in support of green burials like inland ash scattering. I hope that their message will be able to reach more people to let them know that it is ok to do inland ash scattering.

We should also remember that inland ash scattering is a more sustainable alternative to cremation and burials. With Singapore having limited space and an increasing number of deaths each year, inland ash scattering is a valuable addition to being part of the solution.

I still hope that the price can be pushed down and the government can provide incentives for people to uptake green burials.

How To Apply For Inland Ash Scattering?

For those that are interested in engaging the services of inland ash scattering, they can apply at NEA ePortal here. It costs S$320 and an application typically takes 1 – 5 days.

There are 4 timeslots available for booking with two spots each, serving 8 groups a day. Garden of Peace is open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM.


Inland Ash Scattering has gone live on 17 May 2021 at Choa Chu Kang Cemetary’s Garden of Peace. It is a sustainable solution in land-scarce Singapore with deaths increasing every year. Religious representatives have made statements on public television that they support and approve of green burial methods like inland ash scattering.

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