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Disclosure: This page contains referral links and/or codes. This means that I get a commission if you decide to sign up through my links or using my codes, at no cost to you. This helps pay for my running costs. Please read my affiliate and referral disclosure for more information. All links and details are updated at the time of writing. Do let me know if any of the links are not working. Thanks!

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ShopBack Sign up here
Singlife Sign up here and use my code ymnB0qgw
Brave Browser Download Brave and send a tip with BAT earned
Exabytes Sign up here

Latest promotions here

Namecheap Sign up here
ApiaryBuzz Sign up and use my code BGGNZ

Available on Browser

Available on ApiaryBuzz App – (Apple App Store | Google Play Store) Drop me an email at with

  • Subject: Happydot Referral
  • Your Full Name
  • Email Address
Milieu Sign up and use my code C1Z31P9

Available on App – (Apple App Store | Google Play Store)

Moomoo Sign up here
Tiger Brokers Sign up here
TeePublic Sign up here



I have been using ShopBack since 2018 and I have accumulated over S$100 in cashback. It is especially significant for big-ticket items like travel and electronics.

What you need is to download the ShopBack browser extension and mobile application to make sure you don’t miss out on any potential cashback.

If you still have not signed up for an account with ShopBack, you can do so here.

Signing up using my link with giving both of us S$5 after you spend S$20 using CashBack.

Banking And Insurance


Since I have no income, I am unable to make use of savings accounts that requires salary crediting. I came across Singlife and I have been using it since July 2020. I personally only use it as a “savings” account for a portion of my investment war chest.

Get up to S$35 when you sign up for a Singlife Account (affiliate link), the insurance savings plan + Singlife Visa Debit Card and Grow, the investment-linked policy.

To qualify for the rewards, follow you can do the following.

1. Sign up & fund the Singlife Account (minimum S$500) + activate the Singlife Visa Debit Card.

We both get S$5 credited to our accounts

2. Sign up for your FIRST Grow policy (optional)

We both get S$30 credited to our accounts


Use my link (affiliate link) or invite code ymnB0qgw to sign up for a Singlife account.



Brave Browser

Brave browser is one of the browsers that I use that has inbuilt blockers for ads and cookies. It is both available on desktop and mobile.

If you download the Brave browser, you have the choice to enable ads to earn BAT tokens. You can either convert them to BTC/ETH/Cash or send a tip to Brave Verified Creators.

Brave tip window

The tip can be sent directly in the Brave browser. You can either send a one-off tip or set a recurring tip every month.

I personally donate 1 BAT token to Wikipedia each month.

I stopped donating to Wikipedia as I realized they have US$170 million in current assets and their net assets increased by US$14 million for the year ending June 2020. If they really need help someday, I will do a lump sum donation via BAT to them.

I am also a Brave Verified Creator so you can send me a tip with the BAT tokens earned while surfing the web.


Download the Brave browser here


Hosting And Domains


Exabytes is the platform that I decided on using to host my WordPress website. The price is very reasonable and the customer service is very helpful.


Sign up with Exabytes here (Affiliate Link)

Check out the latest promotions here (Affiliate Link)



I bought registered my domain with Namecheap as they are a well-known name in the industry and when I needed help, they were able to answer my questions promptly too.


Sign up with Namecheap here (Affiliate Link)


Surveys Platforms

I make use of these survey platforms to make some side income. I wrote about various survey platforms here.


We both get 100 points (S$1) when you complete your profile information and first profile survey.


Sign up on and use my code BGGNZ

Available on Browser and the ApiaryBuzz App – Recommended (Apple App Store | Google Play Store)


I will get 50 points (S$1)  for every user between the ages of 15 to 54 or 150 points (S$3) for every user aged 55 and above.

You will get a S$10 Welcome Gift physical voucher (The Choice, Takashimaya, McDonald’s) regardless if you sign up via my referral or not.


If you are interested in signing up via my referral, drop me an email at with

  • Subject: Happydot Referral
  • Your Full Name
  • Email Address

and I will submit your email via the website.

You can sign up here using this link



For each user that signs up using my referral code – C1Z31P9 and complete 7 surveys, both of us will earn an additional 500 points (S$0.54) each

This is limited to the first 100 people signing up via my link. Once I am close to 95 sign ups, I will update with another code. As of 30/8/2021, 19 people have signed up using my link.

According to the Milieu helpdesk, we both won’t get the bonus if you are the 101st person. If I didn’t update the code in time, I apologize in advance.

You can sign up here using the links to the app below.

Available on App – Recommended (Apple App Store | Google Play Store)

Trading Platforms Sign-Ups

I personally do not make use of these trading platforms to trade but just sign up for the sign-up bonus.


It took an estimated 7 days from account creation to full funds withdrawal. I wrote about it here.


If you sign up using my link (referral link), you will get the sign-up bonus while I will get the referral reward.


Tiger Brokers

It took an estimated 11 days from account creation to full funds withdrawal. I wrote about it here.


If you sign up using my link (referral link), you will get the sign-up bonus while I will get the referral reward.


I will send you 50% of the proceeds of selling the referral rewards via PayNow.

Once you sign up using my link and complete the fund deposit, send me an email at with

  • A screenshot of your tiger id number
  • Handphone number linked with your PayNow

Please note that if I do not receive the rewards, I will not be able to send any funds to you.

Take a look at this article here for more details.




If you would like to start selling your designs, you can sign up using my referral link for TeePublic here (Referral Link).


If you join as a TeePublic designer via my link, I’ll get US$1 for every product you sell up to US$1,000. You will still get your full commission.

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